Community Support to Help Reach Maximum Academic Potential

Free or discounted holistic educational services available for low-income, foster, adopted, at-risk, and court-appointed children.



Our mission is to empower economically disadvantaged school-age students of all abilities, to achieve their full potential through personalized, effective, and engaging academic services. We strive to create a supportive and fun learning environment that fosters a love of knowledge and a lifelong passion for learning.

Our holistic approach is to provide each student with the tools, guidance, and confidence they need to reach their goals and succeed in their academic and personal pursuits. Our goal is to close the education gap by providing equal access to quality support for all students, regardless of their background or circumstances. 


All clients are eligible to apply for a financial aid discount. Determination of discount, if any, is dependent upon household income and household size in comparison to the current Federal Poverty Guidelines at a minimum and availability of funding.


Register Student

Please complete the student registration process at Harmonic Learning Education and Training.

Complete Application

Please complete the online application. Questions? Please email [email protected].

Receive Decision & Consultation

Please check your email for the decision letter. Afterwards, kindly schedule a consultation with an intake coordinator.

Advance Fee Policy Notice

Please review your email in order to sign and submit the notice. It is imperative that all fees are paid prior to the start of your service.



Social-emotional support helps students establish positive relationships with our coaches. Our learning coaches recognize that personal relationships with students are crucial to academic performance during and beyond sessions.


We like to play! Game-based learning empowers our students to acquire new knowledge and practice academic skills in a socially interactive approach with defined learning outcomes. Gaming further allows our students to increase engagement in specific topics and continue additional studies.


We teach students how to activate their prior knowledge, observe their surroundings, and acquire new knowledge for life-application. Our goal is to have students desire to become life-long pupils in an ever-changing society.


Improve Academic Performence

Get individual attention and support that may not be received in a classroom setting. This personalized attention can help students better understand difficult concepts and provide them with an opportunity to ask questions and receive immediate feedback.

Become an Independent Learner

We help students become more independent in their learning by building self-confidence, developing critical thinking skills, fostering a growth mindset, and providing guidance and support. As a result, students become more self-sufficient and successful in their academic and personal pursuits.

Filling in Gaps or Expanding Knowledge

We tailor to the student's needs and learning style, allowing for a customized learning experience. Our learning coached focus on specific areas where the student needs improvement, which can help fill knowledge gaps and improve overall understanding of a subject.

Academic Test Preparation

Improve test scores by receiving personalized attention, targeted learning, practice opportunities, feedback, motivation, and accountability. This can be especially helpful for standardized tests, which often have a specific format and structure that can be mastered through practice.

Join Our List of Satisfied Students

“I have Two very different children and both enjoy attending all of the different sessions offered."

Hale Morrissette

“This is an excellent program for my 3rd grader who didn't feel Confident in learning math.”

Tia Robbins

“The development and improvement my husband And i have seen in our son is remarkable.”

Indrea Walker Warren

Volunteers Wanted

We're always looking for volunteers! Volunteers help us thrive and increase our presence in the community.